QuickBooks Error h202 is an error affiliated with the multi-user operational mode of QuickBooks. It takes place when users try to access the QuickBooks company file placed on another computer & the copy of QuickBooks cannot reach the server on that computer. 

Causes of QuickBooks Error h202: 

QuickBooks desktop trying to initiate a connection to the company but can’t commune with the server due to the following reasons are:  

  • Incorrect hosting configuration settings
  • Damaged or wrong DNS settings
  • QuickBooks are inadequate to get the IP address of the server or host system the company file. 
  • A system firewall blocking outgoing & ingoing communication. 

 Few internal QuickBooks services like QBFC monitor or QuickBooksDBXX aren’t running yet. 

QuickBooks Database Service Manager is damaged. 

The further step is about how to solve QuickBooks Error H202: 

Solution 1: Test Network Connectivity

  1. Turn off the hosting on all workstations
  2. Also, Ping the server name from your workstation
  3. Enter ping & press enter key. 

 Solution 2: Use the Network Diagnostic Tool 

  1. Install & download the tool
  2. Scan the file data where the data is stored
  3. Note down the number of network interfaces & IP address. 
  4. The firewall status section has an open ports button to authorize those parts for QuickBooks. 
  5. Test for the connectivity of Data file. 
  6. Try opening your company data file. 

 Solution 3: Add your server to Windows host file

  1. Open the windows host file on the computer wherein the error has appeared. 
  2. Place out the insertion point after the last IP address & then type the server’s IP address. 
  3. Press once the key tab & type the server name
  4. Try opening the company file
  5. From the option of the menu of file choose to save. 

 Solution 4: Create a new folder for your company file

  1. On the hosting computer create a new folder
  2. Share the folder & access the windows’ permission to share the company files. 
  3. Copy the QuickBooks Database (QBW) to the new file order. 
  4. Open the company in a multi-user mode. 
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