QuickBooks Error is a customary error that could take place when you are trying to open the file of the company. There are some unlike errors that might take place, all affecting the 6000 series as some of the QuickBooks 6000 series errors are 6000 83, 6000 80, 6000 77, 6000 301 & 6000 832. Usually, this leads to insufficient or some of the issues regarding the installation of an error. It could be caused by various reasons are: 

  1. Your Firewall is blocking the connection
  2. Your.TGF file is corrupted
  3. QuickBooks file for installation is corrupted
  4. The network connection on your system has been faultily configured. 
  5. QuickBooks Error 6000 could also take place when you are reinstating a previous back up of your files. 
  6. The company could be damaged in some way. 

There are some of the solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 are: 

  • Solution 1: Restore A Backup

You can like to restore a backup copy of your file to assure that it works well as new. It can be easily accomplished it with some of the steps are: 

  1. Open the file of the company
  2. Click on the file
  3. Select the utilities
  4. Also, edit the file name of the company including less than 210 characters long. Always try to amalgamate a name that only displays the significant details.  
  • Solution 2: Rename.ND &.TG files 
  1. Find the file of your company that you have been trying to fix. 
  2. Right-click them & adjust the extensions. 
  3. Assure that the extensions of the file have the word at the end of them is.OLD
  4. Open the file location of the company
  5. Reopen the QuickBooks & log in. It could have fixed the issue. 
  6. Now of the same name, search the files &.ND & the extensions of the file. 

Solution 3: Try to open the file of the company into another location

You can do this step by copying the file into a desktop or some locations other than the previous one. It could also be moved in the local or the drive of network & it will lead to help you in knowing the status of QuickBooks Error 6000. 

Solution 4: Construct your firewall & the software of Anti-Virus

  1. Open your windows firewall
  2. Click on the advanced settings
  3. Click on port
  4. Click on next
  5. Right-click on the option of inbounds & choose the option for the new rule. 
  6. Open your QuickBooks database manager
  7. Search the port monitor tab & find the version of QuickBooks. 
  8. Assure that you note the firewall port number. 
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